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HCG Injections in Altamonte Springs, FL

Comprehensive Health Care Offers HCG Injections for Weight Loss. To Learn More About the Weight Loss Programs We Have to Offer, Call (407) 315-2314. We Are Located at 797 N State Rd 434 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714.

HCG Injections in Altamonte Springs, FL

HCG in Altamonte Springs

Are you frustrated with your body’s inability to lose weight in Altamonte Springs? Our fast track weight loss program, featuring pharmaceutical grade HCG injections, can help you achieve the type of weight loss you’re looking for.

What Exactly Is Hcg?

Recent research has shown that by combining this hormone with a proper nutritionally low caloric diet, effective weight loss can be promoted. The brain becomes triggered to burn stored fat which helps it become metabolized faster.

The HCG diet is based on the “pounds and inches” protocol developed by Dr. A.T. W. Simeon. The HCG can help reduce food cravings, increase fat burn, and help you feel more energized throughout the day. By maintaining a higher energy level HCG helps support the body to burn up to 3500 calories per day of stored body fat.

For patients struggling with weight loss and bouncing from yo-yo dieting to inconsistent exercise, the HCG can be revolutionary. The HCG diet is not a “fad-diet” that promises big results but fails to deliver. By combining nutritional counseling and Lipovite injections, you will be adopting long-term, healthy habits that will help you keep the weight off after you’ve lost it.

By proactively addressing and correcting unhealthy eating habits, we can help make your weight loss permanent. We teach our patients to make smart food choices, cut out added sugars and fats, and embrace whole foods. At CHC Medical Weight Loss, our wellness team is committed to helping every patient embrace a healthy and positive lifestyle.

So give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!