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Stem Cell Therapy in Altamonte Springs, FL

When You Suffer From Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Foot Pain & Arthritis, Comprehensive Health Care Can Help Relieve Your Pain. We Provide the Best Stem Cell Therapy & Orthopedic Treatments. Our Experienced and Trusted Doctors & Staff Provide a Wide Variety of Regenerative Medicine Treatments. We Are Located at 797 N State Rd 434 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. Call Us at (407) 315-2314 to Schedule a Consultation.

Stem Cell Therapy in Altamonte Springs, FL

Regardless of our age, each and every one of us has stem cells floating around in our body that help promote healing. These cells are extremely vital in the healing process because they are the very factor that promote it. Using stem cell therapy to help with pain has become a rather popular technique. If you would like to learn more information about this ground-breaking therapy, then talk to the expert pain doctors and specialists at Comprehensive Healthcare in Altamonte Springs, FL. Some of the common questions about stem cell therapy include: How does it work? What areas of pain can I treat? How long does therapy take? Does it hurt?

How does stem cell therapy work?

You might be asking yourself – will this therapy work for me? How do I know that it will work? These are very common questions that people ask themselves when looking to try a new treatment. The way stem cell therapy works is as follows: When you become injured, a natural signaling protein in your body called “Cytokines” signals your stem cells and tells them where they need to be.The platelets in your body, which help to slow down and stop bleeding, also directs stem cells to the direction needed. In a young and healthy persons’ body, this system is extremely efficient. As you get older, the number of available stem cells as well as their potency begins to decrease. Unfortunately, this is when you and your body need stem cells the most. Talk to our doctors to find out if this therapy is right for you.

What areas of pain can be treated with stem cell therapy?

When reading about this treatment, and thinking about what parts of your body are in pain – you may start to wonder if this treatment is helpful to treat all areas of the body. The answer is yes. Our medical director Dr. Eugene DeLucia D.O. brings years of experience in managing pain, some of the most common places to administer stem cell injections are in the:

  • Hip (labrum tear, hip osteoarthritis, hip degeneration, hip bursitis)
  • Knee (meniscus tear, knee degeneration, ACL or PCL injury, chondromalacia)
  • Neck (cervical pain, cervical joint degeneration, cervical arthritis)
  • Shoulder (shoulder injury, rotator cuff tears, shoulder degeneration, shoulder bursitis)
  • Elbow (lateral epicondylitis, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, distal biceps tendon tear)
  • Foot/Ankle (foot and ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, drop foot)
  • Wrist/Hand (carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist arthritis, trigger finger)

How long does therapy take?

Once you have spoken to our pain doctors and specialists to see if stem cell therapy is right for you, you will partner with our medical staff to find out which time and date works well with your schedule to come in to get your first treatment. Depending on the area treated and how severe the chronic pain will determine how many treatments are needed. Once in for your treatment, the procedure can be performed in as little as 15-30 mins. Recovery time for stem cell injections is rather quick – with some patients able to go about their daily routines that very day.

In What Way Are Stem Cells Collected?

Comprehensive Healthcare utilizes umbilical and amniotic derived stem cells. This type of stem cell collection appropriates umbilical cords that were previously discarded after delivery of a strong healthy baby by caesarean. The procedure for new mothers to donate healthy umbilical cords is painless. Patients will benefit from this type of regenerative cell product as it will provide treatment for various issues, from chronic pain, diminished mobility, various sports injuries damage caused to tissues and ligaments as well as inflammation.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Painful?

Getting quick relief from chronic pain with no pain, sounds too good to be true. Granted, everyone’s pain tolerance is at different levels – with some people able to withstand more pain than others. However, with stem cell injections for chronic pain you will feel little to no pain. During the initial injection you may experience mild irritation in the form of tickling or pressure at the injection site at the most.

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